About Us


KROMA is an International Contemporary Art and Culture Platform for the visual arts, theatre, dance, music, cinema, education and literature. Its mission is the promotion of contemporary culture, the support of Greek creators and the cultivation of international collaborations in a space that is open and accessible to everyone.

KROMA was created in order to organize cultural events that promote contemporary art and familiarize the public with the new art forms in a simple and understandable way. Its goal is to exist as a vehicle towards the creation of magazines, the production of artistic works, festivals and exhibitions that utter a word on the cultural landscape and the promotion of modern Greek production abroad through its participation in major cultural networks.

It is a developing cultural platform with a program that is constantly formed and changing.

The field in which it operates regards all artistic actions from every form of contemporary art.

It is constantly searching for new ways to take action, seeking to broaden the ways in which the public can come in contact with art. Its actions vary when it comes to scale, genre and form.

The KROMA team designs, creates and participates in actions, that aim to promote innovative ideas, which formulate and recognize the cultural identity of our country.

Cultural projects, like festivals and events, lectures on culture, educational programs, partnerships with cultural sites, institutions and companies.

KROMA is intended for the general public: those who love art and culture, use new technologies, watch the developments and participate in the artistic and cultural life, as well as those who compose the cultural chain, artists, people of the arts, cultural organizations, event organizers, journalists and the media.

An integral part of its action are the initiatives that aim to educate children, the participation of youth, all citizens without discrimination and with a special sensitivity, working on the integration of the socially vulnerable groups of the city.

KROMA creates positive feelings about contemporary art and familiarize children and teens with the work of contemporary artists and artistic groups.

Its goal is to foster an interactive relationship between young creators, artists and students that encourages creativity and will help shape the contemporary art and culture.

KROMA conducts a visual charitable program. The artists who will participate in this program, will create works of art in order to raise funds through charity events, to support institutions and associations, while making KROMA an innovative art gallery.

In conclusion, this is a charitable team, that uses artistic inspiration and the creations of its supporters in order to offer some help to the socially vulnerable groups.

KROMA is staffed by a group of experienced people, as well as external partners from all over Greece and abroad.

KROMA consists of the KROMA Art Magazine and the website www.kromamagazine.com.

The KROMA Art Magazine is the only international monthly art magazine in our country that has been designed for mobile devises running Ios/Android, which can be read offline on mobile or tablet and is free.

Every issue is comprised of 10 artists from Greece and presents galleries and upcoming exhibitions.

The www.kromamagazine.com is an information website about art and culture.

It aims to keep the audience informed on important news and developments in the field of culture and arts with relevant articles: interviews, opinions, specials, and announcements of special interest.


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