KROMA One-Off.003/Dimitris Pantazis/Naked Flesh

  • Start: 25/01/2018 6:00 pm
  • End: 25/01/2018 11:00 pm

KROMA One-Off.003

Dimitris Pantazis // Naked Flesh




The Art and Culture Platform KROMA starts 2018 off dynamically by continuing its artistic project “KROMA One-Off: One Day Exhibitions”.

Dimitris Pantazis Exhibition entitled “Naked Flesh” is the third KROMA One-Off and will be presented on Thursday, January 25, at 18:00, at the Cultural Center “Romantso“.

“A conversation between flesh and being”




Exhibition pieces with references to the body as a subject of fear, eroticism, and rejection, contrast with decorative surfaces of geometric repeating motifs, as an allegory of Ethics, Ideals and the Sacred.

The coexistence of images of formal (sinful) and non formal (christian) artistic activity subtly comments on the imposition of puritan social identity archetypes which emerge in modern cities.

Music: Friendly contribution by Spaced Cowboy



Dimitris Pantazis is re-introducing himself through a number of carefully selected pieces from the last decade, incorporated into a different conceptual framework.

The confrontation of visual representations with non-formal surfaces (prints on paper) brings back the problem of Ethics in Art.

In the eight pieces, large and small-scale paintings, the human body is stripped and exposes itself in a revealing dialogue with the science of Psychoanalysis.

On the other hand, recurring geometric motifs overtake the question of the living soul, thus resolving any problems of religious content that arise.

This conflict, however, can open up a dialogue beyond the obvious conclusions about thescience-religion dipole. The relationship of subjectivity with the community, sin with orthodoxy, and existentialism with God are adjacent to the original idea of ​​Ethics, pairs that occur naturally.

Considering the resurgence of puritanical views towards social behaviour, this exhibition reflects the Global Citizen’s right to freedom not only in the field of Visual Arts but also in every field of thought related to existentialism/Existence (Under any principle of thought) .




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25/01/2018, 18:00 – 23:00

Admission: Free

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Bios Romantso

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