95% of the parents of the 163 beneficiary children said they were satisfied with the operation of the "We are the Future" Educational Program.

As part of Art Athina 2019, KROMA developed the rich educational program "We are the future", designed for children. The satisfaction rate was 95%. Satisfaction measures are derived from the answers to the questionnaires completed by the adult escorts of the children. The questionnaires were emailed and met all GDPR specifications.

Teamwork / entertainment - beautiful faces - colorful ideas, great idea.
Help for the parents - who can not breathe anymore - but also an important stimulus for the little souls.
Well done!

Kouvopoulou E.M. - Artist

It's a wonderful workshop!
My daughter really enjoyed it. Thanks the host for everything

Jennifer Wang

Very nice activity and initiative to introduce children to Art as a form of expression. The trainers and the space are very good as well.

Peter - MMO
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